In Beijing Sell Lahori Brides

Sprawl, bare to bone, where, brides’ bazaar
There dolled-up hope, awaits, to be
The cost of, a nation’s, debt, bizarre
Pakistan’s ethos, parody of, its pity!

In the, land of, sexist socialists
Who farmed, for years, feminine disgust
Asma braces, for, daily trysts
With communist realm’s, paradigm of lust!

That virgin bride’s, delusional dreams
Lay deflowered, in, slave-ghettoes
Who’s all dead, but a soul, that screams
“Why women, martyred for, Pakistan’s woes!”

Forsaken by, their faith, land, kins
Lo and behold, colonial suicides!
Pakistan’s, stark truths, its servile sins
In Beijing Sell Lahori Brides!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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