When Awaits ‘Me’, ‘I’

I am, the sum of, all those trysts
Which spent, my life, beyond an age
Done with, the rites, of zeitgeists
I ain’t, beyond my, pilgrimage!

Neither Mecca, nor to, Bethlehem
But to the, sanctum of, my soul
Beyond a faith, and its, fear’s mayhem
To redeem myself, not to pay, past’s toll

Could sublime, more be, estrangement
Than a, shadow’s search, for to whom, it belongs
Enigma of, life’s sacrament
Is the man, for self, who longs, and longs…..
Until last sigh, remains, unspent!

Having been thru, many meets, and adieus
Even mirror, seems a, splintered lie
I’m the calling, of my, rendezvous
For that tryst, of two, When Awaits ‘Me’ ‘I’!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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