These Endless Journeys To Nowhere…

Where all, begin they, where I end
Time’s pilgrim, lusts for, birth again
Yet another, labor left, to spend
For that yearning, surging in, my vein!

Beyond what, I found, and what, I seek
Lay enigma, of my, discovery
That tell-tale trail, of life’s, lasting streak
Every path, is paved, with mystery!

The vistas, that lay bare, my way
Are expressions, beyond belief
My inward eye, can’t help, but say
“What an, intrigue is, life’s leitmotif!”

I find, my substance, dissolve in, that dust
Where my, dawns appear, dusks disappear
Live on… beyond, life’s wanderlust
These Endless Journeys To Nowhere…!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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