We Compromise Truth For A Bargained Lie

vikas chandra

Will never end, this war, of words
For the, real war, to ever start
Is rhetoric, the faith of, those cowards
Whose truth, is a farce, and lie, an art!

Rouhani knows, the truth, of Trump
Since both are, same falsehood’s, façade
“I dare not, kiss his, pompous rump
Whilst my brethren, prepare for, last jihad!

Not a, nuclear lie, but the, truth of crude
And amidst, the two, poised peace today
Two brinksmen play, shenanigans, shrewd
While, world watches, fear’s political cabaret!

Who has, blindfolded, human history
If not, our faith, whose fear’s alibi!
We re-invented, our ethics’ chemistry
ToCompromise Truth, For A Bargained Lie!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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