Don’t Change Your Mind When It’s Time To Die

How far, I’ve waited, Oh so long!
To sing, my Sunday, Suicide Song
When all, is lost, to a, bygone dream
Life is, a sin, left to redeem!

Was the thought, I toyed with, worth its while
My hide, and seek, with destiny!
No fear, I see now, many a mile
When life, celebrates, death’s rhapsody!

Why lavish life, in lonely lanes
Of yesterdays’ blues, hopes of todays
Why spent blood, in my, venal veins
Revives, the truth, of life’s malaise!

Don’t wait for, one more, Sunday’s bait
Let the, fettered bird, break free, and fly
Lest you, choose to survive, and stagnate
Don’t Change, Your Mind, When It’s Time, To Die!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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