The Romping Rabbis

Neither Shabbat, today, nor Hanukkah
What spurs frenzy, in their, frisky feet
Drunken, as though, with joie de vivre
Faith spills o’er, on a, kindled street!

Under holy hats, Many side-locks, swing
Feet rhyme, to the spirit, of barechu
Not a, solemn psalm, but a, blithe blessing
From hearts, bleed out, nirvana’s virtue!

“Beyond fulfilled pledge, of The, Promised Land
We won Gaza, West Bank, Jerusalem…
A dream built, with tears, blood and sand
Jew-Utopia, o’er faiths’ mayhem!”

“No more, stateless, nor pariahs
Nor myths, of Arab, compromise
Jews are, their destiny’s, messiahs”
Realize, Epitomize, The Romping Rabbis!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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