From Mecca’s Soul, Postcards Of Shame!

Zia found, her lost, utopia
A maid’s job, of a, thousand Riyals
In her, faith and, destiny’s Mecca
To be tethered, to a, kafil’s snarls!

With rosaries, pious, men, women
In a, sickening to death, menagerie
Took turns, to prove, their acumen
In ruthlessness, and, debauchery!

Now a, faith and fortune’s, caricature
A vanquished woman, a splintered soul
An obliged slur, unheard prayer
She buried truth, lest her head, will roll!

A martyred mother, a ravished wife
Learns to forget, what she became
Can’t send, so stows, in a, lifeless life
From Mecca’s Soul, Postcards Of Shame!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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