When Arabs Found A Jew Comrade

Why history, bore an, age of hate
In a war, of faith, and insolence
Was ‘The Promised Land’ this ‘Jewish State’
A tomb, of fear, and forbearance!

No more, pariah, that banished clan
Its existence, no more, a flaw
‘Jew Brinksman’, is now, ‘World Statesman’
How US, maneuvers, Arab Law!

Who buys, paradox of, Palestine
At faith’s cost, when oil, sells
Who severed bonds, with a, lost bloodline
New Arab love, for oil cartels!

Iran vanquished, Jerusalem, sold-off too
As well as, brotherhood’s, rodomontade
Palestine is, the cost of, this new World-view
When Arabs Found A Jew Comrade!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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