The Joy Of Jihad

There is, no belief, but one indeed
Which measures, cost of faith, in pain
Did a prophet, raise that, martyrs’ breed
Which bleeds kaffirs, for being, profane!

They own Allah, jannat’s grandeur
And the, right to, vanquish ‘infidels’
Quran comes, in handy, to decipher
Is jihad, a fear, that Islam sells!

Since jannat, ain’t enough, for them
God gifted them, six dozen virgins
Who bring, to world, holy mayhem
Can’t wait, for the bait, in prized coffins!

An outrage, baptized in, lust and gore
A fear, trades hate, in faith’s façade
Martyrdom’s, prophesied, metaphor
Pride’s pious charade, The Joy Of Jihad!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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