Last Mile To Eternity …

To be one, with paradox, of time
I’m done, with life, its sacraments
When end, becomes, beginning’s paradigm
And man, a means, destiny invents!

What was passion, now pilgrimage
As todays, reconcile with, yesterdays’ lies
Extinguished, feels, every outrage
Heart nurtured, with, soul’s compromise!

What’s left, of me, but senescence
Breathing relics, of an age, long-gone
With a, fistful of, unspent existence
Death solaces me, in the cradle, of dawn!

Neither pain, of death, nor rebirth’s lust
May fade, with time, my graffiti
I kiss, to death, blessed boulevard’s dust
On my Last Mile To Eternity …!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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