Those Black And White Days …

Those pencil-sketched, life’s silhouettes
Are all replete, with shades, of time
A loose, bunch of, waning vignettes
Defines our, yearnings’ paradigm!

In the heart, of those, memories monochrome
Each shade, stands out, in the past’s, long chase
Daresay, past suffers, ‘color-blind’ syndrome
There was, a grace, on every face!

We walked, with shadows, hand-in-hand
When life, was not, so debonair
We built, castles with, fog and sand
And hearths, in hearts, with love, and care!

Being trapped today, in a, ‘vivid world’
Sweet enigma, of our, ‘hued malaise’!
Truer were, those ‘lies’, than this, ‘truth’ absurd
Lost yesterdays, Those Black And White Days…!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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