… When The Bamboos Sway

I hear a riot, from that grove
Which purrs, the psalm, of verdant bliss
Where lay, my soul, in mystic trove
The sole solace, left to, reminisce!

Lo and behold, to endless, span
A million saints, in mystic trance
In wilderness, since time began
From élan’s heart, burst out, and dance!

Lush prisms, they strew, the morning sun
In shades, of life, and love’s chutzpa
Give, twilight’s blues, joy’s dimension
To night’s despair, joie de vivre!

“Faith is, beyond, life’s mortal lust
Beauty beyond, death and decay”
To me, firmly, this truth, august
Everyday they say, When The Bamboos Sway!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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