Caliphate Is Lost…Not As Yet !!!

A flag, still flaps, o’er tomb, of faith
That vanquished man, his insolence
A caliph once, now, a delusional wraith
Who dares, to death, his comeuppance!

What befell, conquest of, your caliphate
That fief, you reigned, with faith, of fear
Sharia and, Jihad state, “Holy Hate,
Shall push, to hell, Ummah’s last frontier!”

“From Raqqa, to Colombo…, to Allah, knows where
No Kaffir, would be spared”, Caliph swears by Quran
His faith is, the only, fear austere
Wreaked on, the world, by Jihadi clan!

“We won’t, die out” Baghdadi proclaims
Is ‘Eternal Hate’, his faith’s epithet!
Never ever, shall end, their belief’s, blood-games
Whose Caliphate Is Lost…Not As Yet!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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