Melting Dreams O’er Scorching Streets

vikas chandra

In the rise, and fall, of a bell, and a call
I felt, redemption, passing by
A million dreams, worth, its recall
In me, that lad, would never die!

Long chase, to bliss, thru sun-baked lanes
With a penny, wrested from, mama’s fist
Which fury, spurred that, urchin’s veins
Barefoot who ran, for that, soulful tryst!

Whilst lost, in a maze, of lone alleys
Who is it, I search for, out there
Poor soul, who restlessly, rallies
Or a boyhood, lost in, the yesteryear!

At last, I find that, ice-cream cart
Sweaty face, of truth, amidst life’s deceits
A solace, deep within, my heart
And Melting Dreams, O’er Scorching Streets!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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