As The Days Pass By…

Time is, beyond, its enigma
A mingled yarn, of myths, and lies
Life is, its, lasting insignia
Moments beget, history prophesies!

From the germ, of birth, to the tomb, of death
We stare, at clocks, and calendars
Each dreary day, and banal breath
Why a rite, of fear, our faith endures!

Like dwindling leaves, of, bygone falls
Like strewn, beads of, faith’s rosary
We scrape, thru coals, of lost recalls
Where lay, shards of, life’s rhapsody!

We age, we age,… as we, pilgrimage
With a psalm of soul, and a heart’s, spent sigh
Every breath rages, like a, sin’s outrage
Like a, wailing rabbi, As The Days Pass By…!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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