Which Faith Baptized Christ In Gore

vikas chandra

Who christened you, forsaken Jew
Who dared, your myth, of resurrection!
What ended, with your, last adieu
That illusion, of redemption!

Whose legacy, Muhammad avowed
Was ‘Isa’, not you, in Quran!
Whose faith, was it, which then, endowed
A clan with, bad blood, for a clan!

Which passion, is the, purest one
On the, holy cross, which chose, to bleed
Or Allah’s, Satanic invention
Which sowed, in hearts, fear’s lasting seed!

In a vain jihad, and a, spent crusade
Fear is, faith’s, lasting metaphor
No love lost, in fear’s, holy trade
When Islam Baptized Christ In Gore!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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