Fear Found Its Faith…At Last

This Easter, failed to, resurrect
Dead Redeemer, of Bethlehem!
Who won jihad, of Satan’s sect
Faith lost, to fear’s, holy mayhem!

Was “Allahu Akbar…” their only truth
Who killed, the Kaffirs, in jihad
That pious clan, with a, faith uncouth
Who sold, fear in, conviction’s façade!

Is bloodshed benign, for the, ‘promised virgins’
And a martyrdom, as vain, as pride
A pinch, of faith, costs a, fist of sins
And a ton, of fear, ever-prophesied!

“ ‘TERROR HAS NO FAITH’, is a naked lie”
Screams, human ethos, maimed, aghast
Many Christs, are left, to crucify
Since Fear Found Its Faith…At Last!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra


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