Black Era Of White Insolence

Is ‘Sorry’, not an, ‘English’ Word!
White mouths, don’t spare it, on brown skin!
Still smoke, those guns, which you fired
Then spent, an age, excusing that sin!

Was Dyer, more benign, than May!
Who owned up, pride of, his savagery
Whilst May, capered in, shame’s cabaret
To the, grandeur of, White skulduggery!

White history’s, scripted in, black blood
Black ethos, in, White prejudice
In the farms of, White doctrines, still bud
Black vainglory, of White malice!

‘Jallianwala…’ is not, a past lost
But a, stark present, of White pretense
A century paid, a White sin’s cost
In Black Era Of, White Insolence!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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