A Faith And Its Fear

Who borrowed, faith from, distant land
And with it, fear of, God’s sentence
Now curse, themselves, and reprimand
“May Allah’s, wish be, our penance”!

Stone them, maim them, incarcerate them
Who dare, to defy, fear of Sharia
Why a heartless, holier-than-thou, mayhem
Be the, substance of, faith’s hysteria!

Why the Sultan, and his, ‘righteous’ kin
Be all, beyond, Sharia’s carnage!
For they know, very well, how to hide, their sin
From, Allah’s eyes, common herd’s outrage!

Is it self-doubt, for this, afterthought
After thousand years, why this, sham austere
Whilst commoners, brace for, faith’s onslaught
Crowned heads, don’t care, for A Faith, And Its Fear!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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