The Man Who Painted World In Blue

How the prism, of those, Vienna years
Dispersed, the dreams, of that enigma
Whose flair defied, Picassos, Shakespeares…
A man, chiseled by, raw chutzpa!

Had it not, been for, deceit of art
Would a lad, deify, patriotic prejudice!
Thus a Mozart, lost out, to Bonaparte
And a colorist, came to be, ‘Man of Malice’!

Was it Versailles’ Truce; First World War’s loss
Or the chagrin, of a, shamed painter
Why an anti-Jew, bore to death, hate’s cross
Once an, art’s pilgrim, now a feared Führer!

Who’ll History, blame for, Second Bloodbath
A man, who renounced, his elegant hue
Or an intellectual, mafia’s aftermath
The Man Who Painted World In Blue!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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