Dying Alone…

O Zephyr! Turn me, to the sun
I’m done with, life’s each, psalm and song
Lay forsaken, each obsession
Fly me, to the pyre, I belong!

Why I live, beyond my, epic’s end
Strange are, the rites, of senescence
Amid empty mob, what’s left, to spend
For a, death’s pilgrim, on life sentence!

Two knocks, of milkman, and housemaid
Sum up, the day, of a man, death-bound
Night brings, to light, death’s bare façade
Faith sows, in life, fear’s seed profound!

Never knew, that tryst, with redemption
Meant a, forlorn grind, to my gravestone
Lay strewn, my threadbare, conviction
Living on, my own, Dying Alone…!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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