An Apologist’s Creed

Never had, seen penance, earnest as this
Baptized in the, sin of, faith’s bloodbath
Never sweet, had been, ever Judas’ kiss
She’s a, vain martyr, of that aftermath!

Never had, any Muslim, wailed so hard
O’er countless, lives lost, to jihad
More kaffirs, lay in, terror’s graveyard
Than the ones, you mourn, with a, sinner’s façade!

What Christchurch saw, was a, stark payback
To the ethos, of a, ruthless clan
Whilst you, chose to be, rueful maniac
O’er Bible’s tomb, preaching Quran!

Your tears, can’t cure, their lunacy
Who sow, in faith’s farms, bad blood’s seed
Jacinda would grieve, another blood-orgy
Lo and behold, An Apologist’s Creed!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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