When The City Stares At The Face Of Night

The twilight, lingers thru, the streets
Swarming with, shadows, growing old
Behold, a widow, as she meets
A cynic, loch’s mirror, ever so cold!

This ain’t, about a, typical tryst
But a, discourse of, a different kind
O’er enigma, two souls’, amidst
Both slur, each other, “You’re color-blind”!

O’er black canvas, distorted dreams
Of dreary lives, of an, aging town
Scrape walls, to death, their unheard screams
In flickering stillness, two figments drown!

Strewn torn, to shreds, a myth’s façade
When truth, plays chess, in black, and white
Lay bare, to bone, a clan’s charade
When The City Stares At The Face Of Night!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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