Beyond Faith And Fear

Never ends, intrigue of, the Last Crusade
Nor enigma, of that, prejudice
Ain’t faith, fear’s only, masquerade
And God, and sin, man-made malice!

There are, no ends, to ‘Holy’ wars
Just endless trades, of gore, and hate
In the race, to match, fear’s metaphors
We are, the faith, which we create!

Between Allah’s mosque, and church, of Christ
A chasm, divides two, faiths away
For some, jihad’s a, holy heist
For some, crusade lasts, to this day!

Wouldn’t better be, freethinking world
With maverick minds, not souls austere
Why deify, conjecture blurred
When freedom is, Beyond Faith And Fear!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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