The Kite Runner

I chase, a mile, to gage, her flight
And yet, beyond my fist, she seems
The riotous soul, of a vivid, wild kite
Believes in faith, which wind, redeems!

I’m, no one, but a, dream-gazer
Free from, the reins, of sacraments
Where the, pride of sky, earth’s chutzpah blurs
I stare at, that splendor, love invents!

Merrier than, my mate, tethered to, her thread
I’m one, with the bliss, of a, blessed stray
His hands, may hurt, for my feet, instead
It’s a search, for self, beyond a, child’s play!

How long, shall she dare, heaven’s insolence!
Poised spirit, of a, paper toy
Lest she, fall from grace, and ascendance
Not for, heaven’s triumph, but, Kite-Runner’s joy!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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