How Bible Bought A Black Man’s Soul

To sow, new fear, in a, faithless flock
They brought, the Blood, of Bethlehem
To baptize them, with a, pious paradox
Who lived, loved life, sans, faith’s mayhem!

Since sun, scorched them, to ‘low-grade shade’
They gave in, to the, white man’s ‘grace’
Couldn’t more, be benign, their Christ’s crusade
Which gave, black man, a faith, and a face!

How an ethos, was lost, to oblivion
Of a bliss, that smelt of, clay and rain
White God’s gospels, no more, alien
For faithlessness, was a, creed profane!

So, Lo and behold, Blessed Black Bondsmen!
Who were, once kings, of their, fear’s pigeonhole
With vain, ‘hallelujah’ and, ‘amen’
How Bible Bought A Black Man’s Soul!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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