In The Schools Of Fear

vikas chandra

Do learn, by heart, lest you, forget
There ain’t, a realm, beyond Quran
Who made, your faith, jihad’s epithet
How bad blood, stained, Allah’s game plan!

Who taught, this faith, its prejudice –
“Each kaffir’s worth, holy malice”
From dusty towns, to ‘sane’ cities
Jihad lives on, throughout histories!

Sells Alia Ali, to a madrasa
Indentured to, a mullah’s, lust
For three meals, five prayers, and a mania
To be, someday, a martyr august!

Why the, farms of faith, yield fruits of hate?
In virtues’ name, sells, sin austere
We live legacies, of the flaws, we create
In the, shrines of shame, and Schools Of Fear!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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