All Thru The Storms, Burning Bright

vikas chandra

The time, stands still, by that, lone atoll
Where faith, defies man’s, lasting fears
Amidst onslaughts, of the tides, and squall
Hope’s beacon, stands, and perseveres!

O’er myriad, years of, lonesomeness
But for, the surges, of the sea
Finds out, in the, depths of, fear’s finesse
Sings the heart, of angst, joy’s rhapsody!

Lest the, drifting caravans, go astray
Thru the, restless night, it rages on…
Devouring heart, of the, dark’s mêlée
And the war, goes on, past the, crack of dawn!

Neither flame, dies out, nor the, fiery lust
Until out there, hope heaves, in sight
In fear’s cradle, faith’s lasting thirst
All Thru, The Storms, Burning Bright!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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