So…Is Khashoggi…Dead…At Last…!

Not all men, earn, million adieus
Nor the, privilege of, global rage
Mourned Erdogan, Trump whose virtues
Is all, but lost, to a, spent outrage!

His enigma, still, lingers on
That slaughtered scribe, with a, royal row
A vain martyr, or a, political pawn
Faith resents fear, “who’s holier, than thou”!

In the US-Saudi-Turkey deal
UN played, mute spectators
Was the, booty made, worth his ordeal
Who lent, his blood, to truth’s saboteurs!

The legend, who loomed, for a while
Is a phantom now, with a faith aghast!
A martyr, sold off, in the, game of guile
So…Is Khashoggi…Dead…At Last…!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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