That Island We Call ‘Poetry’

It’s an, endless quest, until we find
That realm, where truth’s, dimensions meet
Those enigmas, our thoughts, defined
Beyond faith, of soul, and heart’s deceit!

A slave, of thoughts, where time becomes
Beliefs defy, mind’s conjectures
Amidst, ocean of, stormy isms
Hope’s boat, endures, troubled waters!

To the, promised land, vagabond’s voyage
Wherein passage, lasts longer, than stay
To the, mystic isle, passion’s pilgrimage
Myriad miles, of myths, away…!

It’s deep within, and not, out there
Soul’s journey, to, truth’s discovery
It lay between, our faith, and fear
That Island We Call ‘Poetry’!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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