My Home By The River-way

vikas chandra

She burbles on…, a forlorn psalm
That wild surge, past my, soul blasé
Whose heart, spills out, passion’s aplomb
If not, youth-drunken, lassie stray!

What stirs, a wanderer, on this chase
Till stupor, I gaze, from my hermitage
At the, lasting trail, of a, lingering face
A pilgrim, on last, pilgrimage!

With steady strokes, you grind, my grain
My bread, of love, thus smells, of thee
I live, your mirth, in every vein
My heart, my hearth, your rhapsody!

Blessed liaison, blooms in, the wilderness
Between two souls, bound by, creed of clay
How a, riot seeds, splendor’s largess
Behold My Home By The River-way!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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