Enigma Of A Beautiful Soul

In the, lingering smell, of the mist, of falls
I seek you, in those, sweet nothings
With the rosary, of your, strewn recalls
You are, the psalm, my throbbing, heart sings!

How to forget, or, to remember
What ended not, nor, which began
Truth, and figment’s, where limits blur
Stands all alone, unrequited man!

Beyond your smiles, and my daydreams
A realm, lives on…, o’er tombs of time
Love is, that faith, which a, heart redeems
From the sacraments, of a, sin sublime!

Each day’s, a fond, remembrance
Of the, dalliance, that destiny stole
May time, cherish, its nonchalance
Enigma Of A Beautiful Soul…!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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