There’s No Love Lost On A Valentine’s Day

vikas chandra

Who invented, this sweet deceit?
In the name, of a, martyred sage
A day, when smitten, hearts entreat
For bondage, to passion’s outrage!

Why call it fest, when it, ain’t one
But a ritual, of an, obliged sin
An à la mode, shenanigan
Which sells, hearts lust, in love’s, trade in!

Behold faith, of the, fickle minds
Who rave, to death, love’s rhapsody
As though, in a year, one day, reminds
Love ain’t longing, just pure orgy!

How spent, we lay, o’er yesterday
Crestfallen hearts, thru sin’s melee
Between us, and that, lust’s foreplay
There’s No Love Lost, On A Valentine’s Day!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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