A Tranquil Tomb By The Stormy Sea

I hear, her whisper, from the shore
It sounds, like distant, lingering rain
A widow, wailing amidst, furor
Sin’s stark lullaby, to a soul, in pain!

Who lay, in there, if not me, alone
The relics, of a, long-lost man!
May time, tides erase, epitaph on, my stone
That heartless note, by a, thankless clan!

Waves come, waves go, ever endlessly
To play, with a pilgrim’s, sweet despair
Whilst I bathe, in the twilight’s, blood-orgy
In moonlit nights, stare at, mermaids bare!

In the, throes of time, soul’s solitary grind
O’er death’s sanctum, life’s mutiny
Behold man’s faith, in his fear, enshrined
A Tranquil Tomb, By The Stormy Sea!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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