In The Dark And The Deep

This quest, of faith, tangled in fear
It’s not, out there, but deep within
In the, soul’s sanctum, that cross, we bear
Weighs no more, than the, truth of sin!

That riot, of swans, on the, silent loch
A widow’s wails, on a, wintry night
To the tomb, of mine, long lonely walk
A pilgrim, resents, sadist’s delight!

That world, is easy, to endure
Whose artifice, is a, child’s play
Not the, starkest truths, which we conjure
Then call them ‘myths’, in a, soul astray!

Faith cradles fear, in man’s instincts
Sin’s lullaby, stirs, a nightmare, asleep
Man ain’t, beyond his, mind’s precincts
In The Dark And The Deep!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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