Enigma Of A Caliphate Lost

vikas chandra

Ain’t spent, as yet, their fear’s blitzkrieg
Who built, faith’s state, from blood, and sand
Salafi slaughter, Wahhabi intrigue
Whose aftermath, this, ‘hallowed’ wasteland!

From Raqqa, to Palmyra, strewn
Relics of, pious debauchery
Not Allah’s epic, Satan’s spittoon
Appears, to be, jihad’s orgy!

That passion for, prejudiced past
When kaffirs’ blood, bred, Mecca’s quest
Is all, but spent, in a world aghast
At the haunting, Islamic conquest!

Faith’s glory lies, in its travesty
Bigots pay, with blood, a legacy’s cost
Daesh ain’t first, nor last, to be
Enigma Of A Caliphate Lost!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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