As I Dissolve In The Twilight Sea

So far, beyond these, weary eyes
Where sea, redeems, sky’s dominion
At twilight’s altar, time-tides baptize
The sweat, of day, in the, tears of sun!

I lay, by shore, o’er day’s remains
Bare to the bone, spent to the heart
A pilgrim, with his, broken veins
Despairs a soul, torn, worlds apart!

Awash is shore, in sea’s outrage
I smell mermaids, in their, first menses
Rejoicing, angst of, coming of age
Whilst I measure, my life, in distances!

How much, I long, to sink, in them
Sun melting in, sky’s bleeding spree
I am, the ship, in my, whirl’s mayhem
As I Dissolve, In The, Twilight Sea!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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