Since Faith Calls For Martyrdoms Too

In the heart, of a, holy déjà vu
Where a soul, is made to, pay faith’s tolls
Asia is, the pawn, of whose ‘virtue’
Mullahs who talk, vicious hyperboles!

Pakistan is, a stagnant, schizophrenia
Lost in, the quandary, of its creed
Régime is where, run by fatwa
And democracy, prejudice-decreed!

Two states, estranged, not by fence
But by, the ethos, of their lands
After seven decades, of existence
Islam’ is all, one understands!

Why Asia paid, conviction’s cost
With sacrilege, she was, sworn into
Between faith and fear, no love lost
Since Faith Calls, For Martyrdoms Too!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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