Does Islam Hate Us !!!

Are they, cynic façades, underneath skull caps
With a faith, estranged with, the fear of God
Besieged with, the toll of, jihad perhaps
Is this ummah, benign, with a notion flawed!

No faith, had been, ever propaganda
That loves, to hate, ‘infidels’’ creed
Thus rages on, faith’s coup d’état
Who sowed, in prejudice, dread’s sinful seed!

Is it, a relic, or an aftermath
Of the, lost crusade, for the Holy Land
Why the, world today, pays with bloodbath
The cost, of a faith, built on, past’s quicksand!

Why “Allahu Akbar”, scares to death
With a prophecy, ever so, outrageous
Why ‘kaffirs’, left with, fear’s shibboleth
“In its passion pious, Does Islam Hate Us !!!”

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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