Why Dies Each Day Afghanistan !

Behold his faith, who dares, to die
In the, hallowed land, of Allah’s fear
When Quran, is the, supreme alibi
Blood-fests, are jihad’s, prized souvenir!

An age, was lost, in eighteen years
An ethos, torn to, shards of shame
What Utopia was, now a, vale of tears
How was, Afghan dream, lost in, Taliban’s game!

It’s a, faith’s crusade, not a war, of regimes
No faith, as ‘real’, as which, fear decrees
The die-hards, who sell, jannat’s dreams
Know faith, as soul’s, obliged disease!

Who martyrs, whom in, whose jihad
Whose passion, flouts whose, faith’s Quran
Why hate, and fear, flaunt faith’s façade
Why Dies Each Day Afghanistan!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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