The #METOO Whores

Those long-gone trysts, now worth scandals
For they sell, so well, in gossip shops
Women seem, to love, flaunting shackles
Of feminism, from, shame’s rooftops!

Who all, they slept with, in bygone years
By their names’, net worth, they index them
“Gentlemen” they are, if they pay, ‘love’s’ arrears
Else “Rapists”, in their, sin’s stratagem!

Condemned, to be, sinful spectacle
Martyrs to lust, prisoners of past
“Men will be men” – a bane, seminal
Man stares, at his, manhood, aghast!

In this, prejudice of, two enigmas
Only myths, are sexual, metaphors
In the, tangle of, sexist chutzpas
Win battles, lose wars, The #METOO Whores!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra


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