Enigma Of Sexual Existence

Where snapped, the kite, of the, starry-eyed boy
And the, fairy-tales ebbed, to a distant dream
Were ‘the facts of life’, ritualized decoy
He was taught, for that manhood, to redeem

And thence, began the, seminal quests
To know, what makes, the manly creed
Beyond hormonal, and sensual fests
Why a boy, must grow, to a man indeed…!

From love, passion, and obsessions
To the, chronic rituals, of orgasms
To marital myths, compromised liaisons
Stark truths, of sin, beyond frenzied spasms!

Beyond menopause, machismo’s loss
We are, sex-pilgrims, in essence
A tomb lingers, where a kid, once was
Of Enigma Of Sexual Existence!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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