The Enigma Of The Saudi ‘Sin’

Where the, homeland ends, new realms begin
With open-armed, boulevards, of redemption
No love lost, in this, faith’s trade-in
Between a lass, and a, rogue nation!

Whilst MBS, flaunts, feminine freedom
An ethos, rots on…, in the throes, of faith
Born booty, for, Saudi harem
Womankind is, here, her aplomb’s wraith!

Rahaf is a, tragic metaphor
Of an ethos, taught to, ever stagnate
Petty gimmicks, by a, hypocrite, hardcore
Won’t change fate, of a, hopeless state!

Khashoggi, Rahaf… all façades, of the same creed
Immortal shibboleths, of a, land’s chagrin
In revolution’s farm, democracy’s seed
The Enigma, Of The, Saudi ‘Sin’!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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