This Text Of Travesty

Are prudence, and, jurisprudence
Captives, to faith’s, prejudice!
How could, be flawed, Sharia’s sentence
Decreed by men, to womankind, amiss!

At last reprieve! Do take a bow!
Now you, shall know, if you’re disowned, as yet!
Lest an SMS, end your, wedding vow
Pray to Allah, you’d never, ever get!

How faith, evolved to, modern time
In scurrying, diktats, of despair
Woman had, to be, sin’s paradigm
In a, manly faith, and fear’s affair!

So Sara, was no, fortunate when
Disgrace, became, her destiny
A faith, by men, for men, of men
Man-i-fests, This Text Of Travesty!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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