‘Democracy’ Means ‘A Price To Pay’

vikas chandra

Communism is, that prejudice
Which inflicts fear, with compassion
And sells propaganda, of malice
To comrades, in political ration!

From Tiananmen scare, to Taiwan’s dare
Brittle nerves reveals, Red Dynasty
In the, modern times, Marxist nightmare
Still persists, like Stalin’s decree!

Whilst insolence, of a, hapless isle
World watches, with, wary wisdom
A lonesome war, though, worth its while
Fights an ethos, for its, soul’s freedom!

Bloodbath is a sin, but let, it be so
Republic is, no child’s play
May Xi, his Communist cult, too know
‘Democracy’ Means ‘A Price To Pay’!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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