It’s Been So Long…So Long…So Long…

How I yearn, for the shroud, of frankincense
No more lavenders, of the, lovelorn falls
Why then, relics of, your insolence
Still linger on…, in my, fond recalls!

Why awaits you, my Sunset Boulevard
With whimpers of, unrequited dreams
Who strays, in heart … like a, spent canard
Love’s a, rite of pain, not that, bliss it seems!

And then…, you are, you are …, by me!
Like a myth, gazing at, the truth of time
A love-pilgrim, or, sin’s rhapsody
On my, puckered lips bursts, your heart’s, half-rhyme!

Left no more qualms, of those, virgin years
Breaks free, in your arms, my soul’s swan-song
A lifetime, of love, spent in despairs
It’s Been So Long…So Long…So Long…!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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