Add Sense To Your Songs First

Why weather ‘Like a rolling stone’
Or plead to world -‘Give peace a chance’
When doggerel, played o’er, ‘sex-ophone’
Resonates the, modern times’ romance!

That passion died, an age ago
When our, ethos stirred, our melodies
All’s lost to, ‘dog and pony show’
Now symphonies, are, art’s maladies

Who needs flair, to synthesize, a musical commodity?
Just lip-sync, indentured, vocal cords
To the frenzy, of triviality
For their, only worth is, on billboards!

Mileys, Gagas, Biebers, …, you bray
Music’s requiem, to soul’s disgust
Music’s beyond, your frauds’ cabaret
Add Sense, To Your, Songs First!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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