There Will Be Time…

vikas chandra

The ritual of, counting my days
More than, the moments, lived in them
Are calendars, empty essays
Of happenstances, ad hominem!

There Will Be Time, when I resent, past’s insolence
And truth, of today, in history’s guile
Senescence, if at all, is existence
And the life, I spent, was worth its while!

There Will Be Time, to dissect, every liaison
To the, basic strand, of its avarice
A child’s play, spread out, every so often
World’s no more, beyond a, prejudiced premise!

There Will Be Time, a cynic saint, will blaspheme God
As faith’s façade, and fear’s paradigm
Since myths, are truths, with notions flawed
To baptize truths, as sins sublime, There Will Be Time…!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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