A Wall Of Sand And Fog

How nations are, homelands estranged
By clans, who seek, own polities
Can the ethos, of a land, be changed
By the cold-war, of identities!

O’er 1000 miles, to fortify
From the, desperados, of Mexico
Wails out, his heart, downcast rabbi
Trump knows well, cost of his, political woe!

“No more pilgrims, from the, ominous lands
To steal, from us, the American Dream”
“But a battlement, o’er shifting sands
Is no more, than a, political scheme!”

A brinksman, is a, failed statesman
Who lives, to death, his will’s monolog
How could, he stop, a faith’s caravan
With A Wall, Of Sand, And Fog!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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