The Pilgrims Of The Promised Land

Who paid, the price of, Christ’s bloodbath!
With a banishment, and a holocaust
Israel is, no dream, but an aftermath
Of a, promise made; a Utopia lost!

The Temple Mount, and the Wailing Wall
Welcomed the, lost souls, of an age
While Arabs, braced for, a schemed downfall
Palestine ebbed away, with its, spent outrage!

What’s left, but relics, of a state
Strewn o’er, West Bank and Gaza
Whilst an ethos, learnt to, cede, stagnate
A fraternity, found, its lost chutzpa!

After lost crusade, of three prophets
Faith yearns, for peace, in hate’s quicksand
They pay, in blood, their history’s debts
The Pilgrims Of The Promised Land!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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